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France hosts EAATTC course in Orléans

This year’s second edition of the European Advanced Airlift Tactics Training Course is taking place in Orléans, France, 18-29 May. It gathers transport aircraft from five European Member States training together to increase interoperability.

The main objectives of this course initiated by the European Defence Agency, run by the European Air Transport Command (EATC) and hosted for the first time by the French air force were presented to a group of Distinguished Visitors on 21 May. The EAATTC series of events aims to provide air transport crews with a robust airlift tactics syllabus in order to enhance interoperability between European air forces.

EAATTC15-2, the 2nd of three similar courses to be held in 2015, put the emphasis on formation-flying techniques and procedures. The complexity of the missions flown during the event increases over the course of the exercise, and graduating crews are presented with an official certificate at the end of the event.

The French air force has been extremely supportive in the organisation of EAATTC15-2 and is now delivering a top-level training in close cooperation with the EATC “, EDA Course Director Michele Rega underlined during the DV Day. “Organised as part of the wider European Air Transport Fleet partnership, the EAATTC series of events makes a tangible and long-lasting contribution to the increase of military airlift capabilities in Europe”, he added.

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