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EDA supports EUTM Mali to enhance medical facilities

The European Defence Agency (EDA) provided technical, contractual and administrative support to the EU Training Mission (EUTM) Mali regarding the procurement of a biomedical incinerator to be installed in Koulikoro.

The requirement for the new equipment, to meet European standards in case of an EBOLA outbreak, was identified by the operation. EDA´s support was requested in May 2015 and the award decision was signed by the former Operation Commander, Brigadier General Alfonso García-Vaquero Pradal in July 2015. The contract, with a budget of 59.000€, includes transportation and on-site maintenance. The incinerator should be operational by mid-September.

This is the first case conducted under the EDA-Athena cooperation arrangement signed on 27 February 2015 which aims at facilitating direct procurement support to CSDP military operations.

EDA supports CSDP operations and missions to meet their operational needs. Based on the combination of industry knowledge, in-house technical expertise and experience in procurement, the Agency helps operations to optimize procurement procedures in order to save resources.

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