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National breakdown of defence data

The European Defence Agency (EDA) has just published the national defence data of the 27 EDA Member States for the years 2014-2015 (est.) - for the total defence expenditure and derived indicators, and for the years 2013-2014 – for all other indicators.

All data are provided by the Ministries of Defence of the EDA Member States, based on the list of indicators approved by the Agency’s Ministerial Steering Board in 2007. All financial indicators refer to actual expenditure, except 2015 total defence expenditure which is provisional:

  • Total Defence Expenditure: illustrates how defence budgets relate to GDP, overall government spending, and population.
  • Defence Personnel: shows the ratio between military and civilian personnel, as well as the difference between defence expenditure and investment per military.
  • Defence Expenditure Breakdown: provides data on the major defence expenditure categories - personnel; investment, including research and development (R&D)/ research and technology (R&T); operation and maintenance (O&M) and others – to show what defence budgets are spent on.
  • Collaborative Expenditure: for defence equipment procurement and R&T, demonstrates to what extent the EDA Member States are investing together.
  • Deployability: shows the ratio between the military deployed in crisis management operations and the remaining military personnel, and provides data on sustainable and deployable (land) forces, as well as on the costs of deployed operations.


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