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New Defence Energy Managers Course Launched

The European Defence Agency has launched a new, specialised Defence Energy Managers’ Course (DEMC), which aims to enhance MoD capabilities through the integration of Energy Management Systems within their organisations.  The participants of the DEMC will reinforce their understanding of the complexities of managing energy within a defence organisation or sub-organisation and will acquire the capacity to structure, implement and improve effective Energy Management Systems (EnMS).

Through the attendance of the course, MoD/Armed Forces personnel will be trained to the required technical standard to deliver practical, cost-effective solutions and, uniquely, will benefit from case-specific mentoring support to their first project delivered within the context of their normal work activities. After the course, the trainees will have sufficient knowledge to continue to develop their skills in a continuous cycle of self-improvement through on-going mentoring, alumni relations and as members of the European Defence Energy Network (EDEN) with permanent access to its established on-line resources. 

Following relevant support from EDA’s EnE WG  participating Member States as well as the pertinent requirements of EU legal framework on Energy Efficiency regarding Energy Management Systems (EnMS), the Agency has  proceeded to contract a developmental educational service from a consortium of professional education service providers. 

Based on the ISO 50001 International Energy Standard, the course is tailored to the specificities of the Defence sector and it is divided into the following phases:

• One DEMC – Pilot Course, which will provide the initial EnMS approach in the Defence sector and synchronise the various relevant national requirements. The Pilot Course is scheduled to last 14 months, comprising of classroom sessions and alternating with relevant mentoring and in situ on–the-job training (OJT) for developing and implementing an EnMS at home for MoD organisations. 

• A maximum of 6 DEMC – Steady State are scheduled for the 3 years to follow a successful completion of the Pilot Course. These courses will comprise the DEMC - Pilot structure, in addition to incorporating the previously gained experience as well as any recommendations and feedback from participating Member States. 

The consortium consists of:

• ENMS Ltd (Ireland);
• Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) (Greece) and 
• GEN Europe Soluciones Energéticas SL (Spain).

The EDA project team of DEMC is composed of Tom BENNINGTON and Nektarios ALEXANDRIS.