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EDA Statement: New measures related to COVID-19

The European Defence Agency (EDA) takes additional precautionary measures to those announced on 4 and 6 March, in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. The measures are in line with advice received by the Belgian national authorities on 12 March and considering the approach taken at EU level.  All measures have been communicated to staff and point of contacts in the Member States.

The following measures are currently implemented and are constantly reviewed: 

  • All meetings and events planned to be hosted by the Agency until 8 April included will be postponed to a later date.
  • As of 16 March, all EDA staff in non-critical functions will telework, until further notice. Colleagues who ensure critical functions will continue to be present at the Agency.
  • Any person with symptoms is asked to stay at home and self-isolate.
  • Hygiene measures are systematically being reinforced and staff have been asked to observe them meticulously.
  • All non-essential travel arrangements are to be cancelled until 8 April included.  

The European Defence Agency is monitoring the situation closely and stands ready to review or introduce further measures if required.