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The new EDA magazine is out!

EDA’s latest European Defence Matters magazine (N°19) is now available with a double focus at least partially imposed by current developments: the Covid-19 pandemic and its potential repercussions on European defence; and EDA’s successful collaborative training & exercise activities.

The first part of the magazine is devoted to an analysis of the impact the Covid-19 crisis might have on the wider European defence sector, including national and EU defence spending and the implementation of the EU defence cooperation tools. It features exclusive opinion editorials of and interviews with the Agency’s new Chief Executive, Jiří Šedivý, the European Commission Director General of DG Defence Industry & Space (DEFIS), Timo Pesonen, the Secretary General of the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD), Jan Pie, and the Security and Defence Editor at the EU Institute for Security Studies (EUISS), Daniel Fiott. The magazine’s cover story then provides readers with a detailed insight into the various collaborative training & exercise activities the Agency is running since many years with great success with the aim of increasing Member States Armed Forces’ interoperability.

The magazine also drills into the fascinating topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and speaks to Christian Hedelin, the Chief Strategy Officer of SAAB, about how AI has already made its way into defence equipment. Moreover, it puts a spotlight on a new promising project launched in cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA) related to CBRN detection. Last but not least, NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană shares his assessment of the current state of play of EU/NATO cooperation.

Have a look immediately and enjoy your reading!

The magazine is available here.