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Chief Executive meets Member States’ MilReps

EDA Chief Executive Jiří Šedivý is currently holding a series of bilateral consultations with Member States’ Brussels-based permanent Military Representatives (MilReps). The aim of the meetings is to ensure the best possible exchange of information between the capitals and the Agency and to listen to the advice of Member States’ military end-users.
The latest of those meetings took place this week (23 March) with the Swedish MilRep, Rear Admiral Jens Nykvist (picture above). It will be followed by several others in the coming weeks and months. The meetings are part of a wider outreach to Member States which started last summer when the Chief Executive kicked off a ‘tour des capitales’ – currently suspended by the Covid-19 pandemic – which will see him visit all remaining Member States as soon as conditions will allow.   

“It is important that EDA, as an intergovernmental Agency at the service of its Member States, listens carefully to what our stakeholders’ military representatives have to say. They are the end-users of the capabilities we try to develop together in Europe. Their advice, views and aspirations are absolutely crucial to making defence cooperation and European collaborative capability development a success”, Mr Šedivý commented. 

Besides specific country-related topics such as the involvement in EDA projects & programmes and a general update on key Agency activities, the meetings with the MilReps also address the implementation of the EU defence initiatives (CARD, PESCO, EDF) and the ongoing preparations for the Strategic Compass.