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New survey launched to identify EU Govsatcom user needs

A European-wide survey aimed at identifying user needs and use cases for future EU GOVSATCOM services was launched today under the ENTRUSTED project, in which EDA participates. The survey, which runs until the end of June, is addressed to governmental and institutional users managing security-critical missions, operations and infrastructures. It will allow assessing the current and evolving needs of prospective EU GOVSATCOM users, as well as their use of existing secure SatCom capabilities.

The results and findings of the survey will be submitted to the European Commission to help it prepare a set of prioritised user requirements which will be subsequently considered in the implementing regulations for the new EU GOVSATCOM programme which, as part of the new EU Space Programme 2021-2027, aims at providing secure and reliable satellite communications for governmental users in Member States, for EU agencies and institutions. The survey will focus on users’ needs and requirements in different fields of application. In addition, it will help review secure SatCom capabilities currently in use (in terms of user technology and services), as well as future technological trends. More than 350 EU GOVSATCOM users have been identified as potential participants in the survey. The Member States’ Armed Forces will be addressed by EDA. The Agency will contribute to a consolidated reply for the EU defence users to the ENTRUSTED project.  


ENTRUSTED (‘European Networking for satellite Telecommunication Roadmap for the governmental Users requiring Secure, inTeroperable, innovativE and standardiseD services’) is a European research project, launched by the European Commission in September 2020 under the HORIZON 2020 programme. Under the leadership of the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA) and with a budget of €3 million, ENTRUSTED will identify needs and requirements of secure satellite communication end-users. The project will contribute to the formulation of assumptions and guidelines, in terms of user-oriented activities, for the future EU GOVSATCOM programme aimed at creating independent, autonomous and secure satellite communication system for EU Member States and agencies. It will run until February 2023. 

EDA is a member of the ENTRUSTED consortium where it represents its participating Member States. The Agency contributes to all work packages with a focus on user needs, requirements and use cases definition, surveying the state-of-the-art of existing secure SatCom user technologies and definition of a research and development (R&D) roadmap.

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