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Revision of Capability Development Plan (CDP) launched

EDA’s Steering Board met yesterday at Member States Capability Directors’ level under the chairmanship of General Éric Bellot des Minières. Directors decided to launch the revision of the Capability Development Plan (CDP), the latest version of which dates to June 2018. The CDP contains the jointly agreed European capability development priorities (currently 11) which are updated on a regular basis under EDA’s auspices, in close coordination with the EU Military Committee and the EU Military Staff. 


The revision is scheduled to be completed by 2023 when the revised set of EU Capability Development Priorities is set to be agreed by EDA’s Steering Board. It will then serve as a reference for the third Coordinated Annual Review on Defence (CARD) cycle which will start in autumn 2023. 

The need to revise the CDP now stems not only from the new guidelines provided by recently adopted EU Strategic Compass, but also from a series of significant and strategic changes witnessed in the EU’s overall security environment, first and foremost the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine. All those developments have implications on the four strands which will nurture the new CDP: two short-term based strands provided by the EU Military Committee with the support of the EU Military Staff (capability gaps identified in CSDP missions and operations, as well as lessons learned), a mid-term strand (assessment of the potential for cooperation, based among others on the latest CARD findings and Member States’ current defence plans and acquisition programmes) and a long-term strand (looking ahead at expected capability trends and development by 2040 and beyond). 

Strategic Compass, CARD

Capability Directors also assessed the state of implementation of the Strategic Compass which has seen its first measures implemented on the ground, with the establishment of the Hub for EU Defence Innovation (HEDI) within EDA, and the first European Defence Innovation Day organised end of May.  

Directors were also briefed on the (still ongoing) second CARD cycle which is set to be completed by the Agency’s final report to Ministers in November of this year.