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EDA Defence in Space Forum launched

This October the European Defence Agency launched its new Defence in Space (DiS) Forum. During its first meeting, which was co-facilitated by France and Spain and included representatives from 17 EDA participating Member States, the EU Military Staff and the European External Action Service, defence and space ambitions, needs and initiatives were discussed.  

Based on an assessment of the current situation in space-related activities in the EU, the space planners of the EDA pMS exchanged about the way ahead and first ideas for enhanced cooperation. The participants warmly welcomed this first step in the direction of a stronger, more united, and transversal approach to space and defence. 

The DiS Forum is a result of the first CARD cycle which identified Defence in Space as a focus area in which collaboration was assessed to be most pressing, most needed, and most promising within the EU defence stakeholders. This led to the formal establishment of the DiS Forum by the EDA Steering Board. As a new working body in EDA, the DiS Forum has the aim to develop a European common approach to defence capabilities in space by making best use of all the available defence instruments, to increase collaboration between Member States and develop common defence perspectives on current EU activities including related to the EU civil space programmes.