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NEW ISSUE OUT NOW! - European Defence Matters


"Investing in European defence. Today's promises, tomorrow's capabilities?"

The brand-new issue of European Defence Matters - the European Defence Agency's flagship magazine - is here! Read our digital magazine, as both a Webzine with a selection of articles, and the full PDF online.

With Russia's invasion of Ukraine underlining shortfalls in European defence after years of underinvestment, Edition 24 of European Defence Matters explores how EU Member States and industry are responding, and why defence cooperation has never been more important.

Including interviews with EDA Head Josep Borrell, Germany's Minister of Defence Christine Lambrecht and Rheinmetall's Chief Executive Armin Papperger, our European Defence Matters magazine looks at how EU defence spending is rising at a historic pace but could be wasted without European collaboration. We debate whether the next steps in EU defence cooperation reveal a coherent unity of vision that can provide a springboard to success.

Whether it is Germany's 'Zeitenwende', or the Czech EU presidency's progress on new EU defence initiatives, we hear from top officials and experts, look at the EU's annual defence review, and the Permanent Structured Cooperation five years on, as well as focusing on the latest EDA projects in drone safety.

In an exclusive interview for European Defence Matters, the head of the European Peace Facility talks about how the instrument has broken taboos and strengthened EU unity. We also look at how Ukraine's diplomatic operation is faring under the strain of war, and talk to three European companies innovating with help from the European Defence Fund.

Check out too our EU defence history timeline.

Enjoy the read!

Robin Emmott, editor-in-chief