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EDA’s Tactical Personnel Recovery Mission Simulator fully operational

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EDA’s Tactical Personnel Recovery Mission Simulator (TPRMS) has achieved Full Operational Capability (FOC) on 7 December. The TPRMS is used for rehearsing Personnel Recovery missions, tactics, techniques and procedures usually considered too risky to be practiced in live training events. 

TPRMS consists of twenty posts that replicates the elements of the Personnel Recovery (PR) Forces package (rotary and fixed air-wings crew, land soldier and crew of land combat vehicles, PR planners) employed when conducting military operations. Located at the Italian Air Force Base Poggio Renatico, the achievement of FOC completes the TPRMS project that begun in April 2019 with its initial set-up and subsequent declaration of Initial Operational Capability in November 2021.

EDA Chief Executive, Jiri SEDIVY, said; “TPRMS is a major achievement for European defence cooperation and the personnel recovery community. The simulator is a unique and powerful training capability to enhance European expertise in Personnel Recovery through the innovative use of training simulations, an expertise that has clear operational value in most difficult threat environments.” 
FOC Ceremony 

 The FOC ceremony, held on 7 December, was attended by representatives from eight Member States (AT, CY, DE, HU, IT, PO, RO and SE) and five international organisations with proven expertise on PR (EPRC/ European Personnel Recovery Centre, US JPRA/Joint Personnel Recovery Agency and NATO JAPCC/Joint Air Power Competence Centre, CASPOA/Air Operations Centre of Excellence and CAOC/Centre of Combat Air Operations UEDEM). 

On this occasion, an ITAF team presented a live-demo training session within the TPRMS by using a special designed Virtual Reality (VR) scenario, showcasing TPRMS performances and familiarisation with the VR technology. 

FOC Ceremony

Pilot Course

On the same day, and as a direct follow up to the TPRMS FOC, a new EDA project, TPRMS Pilot Course, kicked off. Coupled together, they mark a major step towards to the creation of a European common approach in how PR forces gear up for an upcoming deployment or conduct PR mission rehearsals.