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EDA and Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre sign cooperation agreement

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The European Defence Agency (EDA) and the Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre (MLCC) have established a cooperative framework through an Exchange of Letters (EoL). Cooperation was formalised with a signing ceremony during the Distinguished Visitors Day of the first Additive Manufacturing Village capability workshop in Ede, the Netherlands, on 14 June 20203. The EoL was signed by EDA Deputy Chief Executive, André Denk, on behalf of Chief Executive, Jiří Šedivý, and MLCC Director, Col. Jakub Hrdina.

Cooperation between EDA and MLCC will focus on activities of mutual interest, such as logistics meetings, workshops, conducting studies, projects, exercises, exhibitions, conferences, training and education activities. EDA and MLCC intend to interact closely and to co-ordinate their work on the development of logistic capabilities to make a coherent contribution to multinational logistics transformational activities. The identification of common activities should focus on supporting EDA and MLCC participating Member States.

EDA Deputy Chief Executive, André Denk, said; “The long and fruitful relationship between our two organisations, EDA and MLCC, culminates in the signature of an Exchange of Letters. 12 MLCC members are also EDA Member States. We follow the same objectives. We serve our Member States to build up and enhance our logistic capabilities. We address their critical capability shortfalls. The logical next step is to underpin our common future cooperation.”

MLCC Director, Col. Jakub Hrdina, said; “It is my pleasure and honour that we will promote our long-lasting exceptional collaboration with EDA signing such a cooperation arrangement. MLCC Vision is: To be a centre of expertise for the development, coordination and provision of efficient and effective multinational military logistics solutions. Without close cooperation with strong multinational logistics stakeholders, which EDA definitely is, it wouldn’t be possible to achieve this goal and fulfil the vision.”

Enhancing cooperation in logistics

Logistic capabilities are a necessary asset to support and contribute to the success of military operations. The development and improvement of logistic capabilities is challenging, especially to ensure interoperability. Both EDA and MLCC are active in logistics, sharing similar objectives to improve and develop capabilities for their respective Member States. 

Areas for cooperation could include the following:

  • Logistic capabilities, logistic procedures, logistic concepts as well as joint enabling activities to enhance interoperability;
  • Logistic exercises, training, and other logistic events;
  • Mutual Logistic Support and used IT-application;
  • Exploring the use of new technologies, e.g., additive manufacturing.

In keeping with the activities of the AM Village, the EoL was signed by pens which had been printed using additive manufacturing materials during the capability workshop. 

AM Signing


EDA supports all EU Member States in improving their defence capabilities through European cooperation. Acting as an enabler and facilitator for Ministries of Defence willing to engage in collaborative capability projects, the Agency has become the hub for European defence cooperation with expertise and networks spanning the whole spectrum of defence capabilities.

Member States use EDA as an intergovernmental expert platform where their collaborative projects are supported, facilitated, and implemented.

The MLCC was established in 2011 by means of a Memorandum of Understanding and is governed by the MLCC Board of Directors. Currently, MLCC is composed of 20 Member States, 12 of which are EDA’s participating Member States. The MLCC’s mission is to build and enhance logistics capabilities, and to address critical logistics shortfalls of the MLCC Members and non-Members by providing multinational solutions for the logistic support of the forces in operations and exercises.