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NEW 2023 ISSUE ONLINE NOW - European Defence Matters


"Broader Horizons – Strong partners for European and transatlantic security"  


The summer issue of European Defence Matters - the European Defence Agency's flagship magazine - is here! Read our digital magazine, as both a Webzine with a selection of articles, and the full PDF online.

With no let-up in Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine, Edition 25 of European Defence Matters looks at how European and Western countries are coming together to deepen their relationships in defence.

As EDA welcomes Denmark as its 27th Member State, so this edition of European Defence Matters highlights the ties that unite us. Call it broader horizons, or something more prosaic, the enduring support to Ukraine is intensifying.

The EU-U.S. summit of June 2021 marked the beginning of a renewed transatlantic partnership. We discuss with our Chief Executive Jiří Šedivý and U.S. Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment William LaPlante what the new EDA-U.S. DoD Administrative Arrangement (AA) brings. We hear, too, from Norway’s defence minister about the benefits of its AA. 


Lessons from Ukraine, joint procurement

EDA’s Head of Agency, High Representative Josep Borrell, underscores the need for the collaborative procurement of ammunition. As the outgoing EU presidency chair, Sweden has been at the centre of the European jigsaw to improve defence cooperation. We hear from the country’s Minister for Defence, Pål Jonson.

As Portugal’s Minister of Defence Helena Carreiras explains, the EU needs a defence industrial base that is greater than the sum of its national parts.

Picking up on that point, EDA’s Capability, Armament & Planning Director Stefano Cont draws lessons from the war in Ukraine and suggests that a real defence-industrial capacity is a capability in itself. Enzo Benigni, President and Chief Executive of Elettronica Group, looks at another aspect seen in Ukraine: electronic warfare, his company’s speciality. 

Do have a look too at our timeline graphic on join procurement. 

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Robin Emmott, Editor-in-Chief