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EDA Innovation Prize 2023

Since 2018, the European Defence Agency (EDA) Defence Innovation Prize has been rewarding companies and research entities that come up with technologies, products, processes or services applicable to the defence domain. The prize promotes defence innovation in Europe and provides civilian industries, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), research organisations and universities with an opportunity to showcase their know-how.

Prize Winners 2023

This year, the prize focused on two categories: 

• Technologies for situational awareness Innovative solutions and technologies for immersive training, battlefield situational awareness and other defence applications.

• Technologies for communication and information systems Innovative solutions and technologies for implementing Zero Trust Architecture in tactical defence communication and information systems.

The award for Technologies for situational awareness goes to the Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre, and its concept ‘Tactical Environment Model for Battlefield  Awareness (TEMBA)’. 

The award for Technologies for communication and information systems goes to Cyber Noesis, and its concept paper for ‘AI-assisted dynamic risk management for context-aware access control in Zero Trust Architecture.

For a full article see: European Defence Matters Issue 26

The prize winners are given access to EDA’s network of experts, having the opportunity to form valuable partnerships to leverage some of the EDA and EU funding opportunities.

Proposals judged to be at a high level by the evaluation committee, including the winners, will be presented to EDA’s Capability Technology groups, known as CapTechs, in a dedicated workshop to explore ways to apply them within the CapTechs’ areas of responsibility.