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Progress seen in EDA project ALOCAS on developing low observable materials for next generation platforms

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ALOCAS - The project Advanced Low Observable Coatings And Structures, initiated by the European Defence Agency's (EDA) Capability and Technology Group “Materials & Structures”, is a joint material research project between Saab (lead) and FOI of Sweden and AkzoNobel and NLR of the Netherlands. The project shows successful research performed in developing innovative low observable materials with the potential to reduce the radar signature of next generation platforms.

Low observable (LO) technology is a fundamental part of future aeronautical and naval weapon systems. In general, LO technology is intended to reduce the detectability of military platforms against a variety of threat sensors. This project focused on material development in the radar microwave- and infrared wavelengths with the goal of enabling the access to, and the survival within, hostile air and sea-space for combat, intelligence and reconnaissance assets to perform the designated missions.

The final meeting which recently took place at Saab Aeronautics in Linköping, Sweden, shows promising progress in the low observable materials regarding design and optimisation methods, absorber concepts, additive manufacturing of honeycomb structure, scattering cancellation meta-surfaces, LO multifunctional coatings, non-destructive testing and maintainability of LO additively manufactured materials.