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Filling gaps in EU defences – EDA publishes its 2023 Annual Report

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High intensity, state-to-state war in Ukraine is forcing the European Union to reenergise its defence industrial base on a large scale to defend Western democratic values. At the same time, the EU is preparing for future challenges, developing the most innovative, high-end capabilities. The EU and the European Defence Agency (EDA) are accelerating efforts in support of Ukraine and for the defence of Europe.   


In the Agency’s annual report for 2023, we provide an overview of EDA’s milestones reached and achievements over the year. Our highlights include: 

  • Denmark joining as EDA’s 27th member 

  • Deepening ties with the United  States Department of Defense through an Administrative Arrangement 

  • Agreeing the 2023 Capability Development Priorities across the five military domains 

  • Stepping up in 2023 with EDA’s two-year fast-track procedure for the joint procurement of 155mm artillery rounds, with a project arrangement signed by all EU Member States and Norway 

  • Transferring EDA’s long-running helicopter programme to a new centre in Portugal 

  • Achieving Initial Operational Capability for the multinational fleet of Airbus A330 tanker and transport aircraft, a project established by EDA  

Overall, in 2023, the Agency managed around 94 cooperative ad-hoc projects and programmes in capability development, training, and joint procurement, as well as Research and Technology (R&T) and innovation, with a total estimated value in the range of €664 million. 

2024 marks the 20th anniversary of the European Defence Agency. Over two decades, we have helped our armed forces to cooperate and invest better together. We continue to anticipate tomorrow's defence needs. The EDA’s added value for EU defence is sharply increasing. 

Download the full 2023 Annual Report here