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ECMAN’s Manual Neutralisation Techniques’ Exercise concludes in Austria

5 minutes

The European Centre for Manual Neutralisation Capabilities (ECMAN) has successfully concluded an intense two-week exercise dedicated specifically for MNT (Manual Neutralization Techniques) operators. The EUROPEAN GUARDIAN 2024 exercise gathered 14 MNT operators from the army, air force, navy and special police units from Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Ireland and Italy.

Manual neutralisation techniques are the most advanced improvised device disposal proficiencies, which enable experienced and specially trained operators to access, diagnose, and manually dispose of hazardous material. These tactics, techniques and procedures need to be applied where the use of regular explosive ordnance procedures or of energetic weapons are inappropriate, and manual improvised explosive devices’ neutralisation capabilities are the last resort.

During the two-week course, operators were confronted with sophisticated improvised explosive devices (IEDs). These IEDs were embedded in realistic scenarios based on past, current and potential operations at home and abroad, including minor CBRN incidents. The aim of this Field Training, which culminated in a live exercise was to maintain and further improve the skills and techniques of the trained operators and thereby meet the national and international requirements of the participating nations in dealing with complex IEDs, which may also contain CBRN payloads.


Distinguished Visitor’s Day – Staying one step ahead

The Commander of the Austrian Logistics School, Brigadier General Stefan Lampl, and the Director ECMAN, Colonel Jürgen Pirolt, welcomed all guests and invited them to experience first-hand what an MNT operator is capable of, during the distinguished visitor’s day on June 4 in Vienna.

EDA, which is responsible for the ECMAN project, was represented by the Director of the Capabilities, Armament and Planning Directorate, Stefano Cont, who took the opportunity to share his thoughts on the ECMAN project with the participating guests. In particular, he emphasised that “ECMAN is a visible product of each country's commitment to multinational cooperation. It enhances operational capability through training in the procedures and techniques used in the manual neutralization of complex IEDs.”

Looking at lessons from Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, Director Cont stated that C-IEDs are more relevant than ever in recent history and encouraged the Director ECMAN, on behalf of the entire project, to continue all efforts to train these sophisticated MNT operators and explore new techniques and procedures to always stay one step ahead.