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What the first Coordinated Annual Review on Defence reveals

EDM Magazine issue 20

In this issue of European Defence Matters, we analyse the key CARD findings and recommendations and take Member States’ pulse on the potential take-up of the collaborative opportunities identified by the CARD. We also look at the increasing number of PESCO projects whose implementation benefit from EDA support; also a reminder that the CARD is not an end in itself but a pathfinder towards new collaborative projects which must eventually lead to joint defence capabilities.

Readers of our magazine will also hear from the German EU Presidency’s defence & security priorities and get an insight into the ongoing work on the EU’s Strategic Compass.

Furthermore, we shed light on the Commission’s new Incubation Forum on Circular Economy in European Defence as well as on EDA’s cooperation with the EU Satellite Center. Finally, we present the winning projects of the 2020 EDA Defence Innovation Prize and assess at the prospects of EU defence beyond 2030.