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Factsheet: EAATTC 16-2

Factsheet EAATTC 16-2

The European Advanced Airlift Tactics Training Course aims to provide air transport crews with a robust airlift tactics training syllabus in order to enhance interoperability between European air forces. It takes crews into a theatre-deployment mindset, exposing them to airland and airdrop missions in a tactically-challenging environment. Emphasis is put on aircraft operations and on application of procedures in a changing environment.

EAATTC 16-2 takes place at Orléans Air Base, France, from 22 May to 2 June. The event gathers six aircraft from three different countries (2 x CN235 (France); 1 x C130 (France) ; 1 x C160 (France); 1 x C160 (Germany); 1 x C130 (Spain) and over 80 personnel from different countries (France, Germany, Spain, Portugal) and organisations (EATC and JAPCC).