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Factsheet: GOVSATCOM


The importance of networks in today’s globalised world cannot be overestimated. In fact, satellite communications (SATCOM) have become critical elements for the EU and its Member States in support of defence, security, humanitarian and emergency response or diplomatic missions and are proving more and more valuable in the broader telecommunications landscape. Satellite communications today are a key enabler for civil and military operations/missions, not only in remote and austere environments with little or no infrastructure but in general satellite connectivity is one of the best and most reliable ways to establish communication links with a complete set of new and evolving IT services, no matter where they may be required. With increasing dependence on highly sensitive or classified information for decision-making and, as an illustration, secured satellite links for remote operation of unmanned systems, secure and highly available connectivity in a resilient network has become both strategic and crucial. The EDA GOVSATCOM Pooling and Sharing Demonstration project (GSC Demo) project has been established as answer to this development.