EDA offers a unique online tool, the “IdentiFunding”, allowing any defence stakeholder to identify quickly existing funding opportunities at European level potentially available for their defence-related projects. Click on “Start IdentiFunding” to discover which funding at the European level potentially suits you at most [N.B.: the tool encompasses all funding of this European Funding Gateway but RRF].

For specific info, please see the IdentiFunding Factsheet.

To build further your know-how and capacity to access funding opportunities at European level see below a “DETAILED VIEW PER FUNDING SOURCE”. You may click on the “+” at the right of each title to expand the content for each funding opportunities. Additionally, you may compare each relevant dimension, one-by-one (e.g. WHAT can be funded, WHO has access, WHICH type of funding), across the many funding opportunities, by clicking on “COMPARATIVE VIEW PER FUNDING DIMENSION” (see below after the DETAILED VIEW PER FUNDING SOURCE).