A structured approach is needed to ensure that the green transition is “systemic, deep and transformative, in the EU and beyond”, as well as “disruptive”, as it is stated in the EU Circular Economy Action Plan, CEAP. Against this backdrop, the “Climate Change and Defence Roadmap” explicitly invites EU Member States to "use, strengthen and engage in upcoming ... platforms whenever possible and appropriate, notably EDA’s ... IF CEED”.

The IF CEED brings together a wide community of stakeholders wishing to build common projects on circular economy in European defence: Member States’ Ministries of Defence and other Ministries, the European Commission, other pertinent EU institutions and national public bodies, the defence industry and research centres, as well as academia. Moreover, to exploit synergies and avoid duplications with other major organisations dealing with the same subject, EDA considers inviting experts from NATO, OECD, UN (e.g. for its peacekeeping missions), as well as relevant entities from other organisations. Below is the map of European countries with involved experts.


The activities are conducted in synergy with existing EDA initiatives - notably the Consultation Forum for Sustainable Energy in the Defence and Security Sector (CF SEDSS III), the Energy and Environment CapTech (EnE CT) and the REACH Task Force - as well as with other relevant platforms, such as the European circular economy stakeholder Platform (EcesP).

With a duration of 2 years, IF CEED is a project co-funded by the EU LIFE Programme and the Luxembourg’s Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (Defence Directorate).

Based on the principles of Circular Economy, the goals of IF CEED are to:

  • incubate collaborative projects and their respective consortia;
  • enable transnational innovative solutions and new business models by harvesting the advantages of circularity for defence, including funding available at European level;
  • generate proposals for mitigating defence sector’s environmental impact.

IF CEED organises conferences and coordination meetings involving the wider defence community.

IF CEED is co-funded by:

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