Helicopter Operators Workshop HFI

Brussels | Dates: 21 - 21 March, 2012

Force Protection of the EDA Member States forces in non-permissive, multinational operations, is a high priority within EDA’s work. Specifically in the area of Counter Man Portable Air Defence Systems (C-MANPADs), the Hostile Fire Indicator (HFI) project is dealing with ...

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ESA / EDA 3rd User/Stakeholder Workshop on Unmanned Aircraft System

REDU | Dates: 08 - 08 March, 2012

EDA and ESA have joined forces to demonstrate that technological challenges in Command and Control/Air Traffic Control can be overcome through the use of satellite services. This initiative resulted in two parallel feasibility studies on “Satellite Services for the integration ...

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D-FUSE dissemination workshop

Delft | Dates: 06 - 07 March, 2012

The consortium in charge of D-FUSE (Data Fusion in Urban Sensor Networks) is organizing a dissemination workshop on 6-7 March 2012, at Delft, in the Netherlands.

This event will be based on demonstrations to illustrate the innovations achieved during the ...

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EMAR Implementation Workshop

Hoogerheide | Dates: 28 - 29 February, 2012

The aim of the EMAR Implementation workshop is to: “Establish a deeper understanding of the challenges facing pMS when implementing the European Military Airworthiness Requirements (EMARs) together with the development of an ‘implementation-toolset’ of solutions to overcome these challenges”.

Secondary ...

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3rd MIDCAS stakeholder workshop WS3

Brussels | Dates: 23 - 23 February, 2012

MIDCAS project is a major European initiative to progress towards integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in non-segregated airspace. It addresses the key issue of the UAS Traffic Encounter and Midair Collision Avoidance Function.

The two first MIDCAS workshops, held ...

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Workshop on «Non-EU Dependencies on Ammunition» Study

Brussels | Dates: 23 - 23 February, 2012

A Stakeholders’ Workshop in the framework of the EDA Study “Non-EU Dependencies on Ammunition” will be held on 23rd February 2012, at EDA premises, in Brussels.

The study team is composed of major European defence companies NEXTER (France), MBDA (France), ...

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3rd Collaborative Database Workshop on Cooperative Opportunities

Ixelles | Dates: 09 - 09 February, 2012
The 3rd Collaborative Database Workshop on Cooperative Opportunities will be held on 9th February 2012.

The aim of the Workshop is to enhance cooperation between the EDA participating Member States (pMS) and to encourage the pMS to more actively use ...
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End-user workshop of the HDR-HF Programme - 9 February

Colombes | Dates: 09 - 09 February, 2012

High Frequency (HF) communication links often represent a bottleneck in military networks, with a great impact on the user Quality of Service (QoS). The aim of the EDA project “High Data Rate Technology for High Frequency Communication (HDR-HF)” is to ...

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Participating Member States

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  • Germany
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