EDA’s support to CSDP operations

With a special focus on EDA’s support to EU CSDP missions and operations. The magazine also features exclusive Opinion Editorials by European Council President Charles Michel on the importance of EU Defence, as well as by the new Director General of the European Space Agency (ESA), Josef Aschbacher.  You can read the magazine in PDF here or in digital format here. 

In the magazine’s cover story, we put the spotlight on the various support tools and services the Agency is already (or could be) providing to current and future EU CSDP missions and operations - ranging from commercially procured satellite communication solutions and the pooling & sharing of governmental satcom services to geospatial information support, maritime surveillance, air medical evacuation, diplomatic clearances and the organisation of cyber awareness seminars for mission headquarters, to name only them. In a series of articles, we explain how those support tools came about, where and how they are currently used and how they could be further developed in the future. We also give the floor to the users, Member States and EU mission and operation commanders, to hear their views and recommendations for the future.

We also sat down with the CEO of Naval Group, Pierre Eric Pommelet, for our traditional ‘Industry Talk’, this time focussed on the current state and future prospects of Europe’s military naval sector. In the ‘Innovation Corner’, we took a look at how modern and innovative Cloud computing will most probably impact the defence sector.

Cover Story

  • EDA support to EU CSDP Missions & Operations

    Since its creation in 2004, one of the key tasks of the European Defence Agency (EDA) has been to provide practical support to civilian and military missions & operations launched under the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP).