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The CapTech Ammunition Technologies’ (CapTech AMMO in short) mission consists in establishing a network of European experts, developing technology watch, assessing technologies identified and establishing joint research projects or programmes of the most promising technologies on Energetic Materials, Missiles and Munitions, in an EDA framework.

Research in the fields of Energetic Materials, Missiles and Munitions and associated weapons is the CapTech AMMO main scope of work. The need to better understand, evaluate and analyse Energetic Materials (propellants, explosives and pyrotechnics) for munitions is a key driver of cooperative R&T projects. Also covered by the CapTech are topics such as predictive modelling of new Munitions and weapons designs; gaining knowledge of detonation and blast effects; research on ballistic design (internal, external and terminal ballistics), and integration of the same into weapons. The capabilities shortfalls concerning conducting joint operations, employing joint firepower, protection for own forces and non-combatants (counter deception, minimise health and safety risks,) as well as defence against threats are supported by these activities.

The following technology categories are considered as the area of responsibility of the CapTech :

  • Energetic Materials (propellants, explosives and pyrotechnics)
  • Lethality & Platform Protection (penetrators, warheads and battle damage assessment)  
  • Propulsion of munitions and missiles
  • Design Technologies for Platforms & Weapons (ballistic design)
  • Sensor Systems (explosive detection)
  • Weapons
  • Sensor Systems (explosive detection)
  • Design Technologies for Platforms & Weapons (ballistic design)

The work of the CapTech AMMO is generally of TRL in the ranges of 2 to 6, with some projects achieving the level of demonstrator. CapTech AMMO aims to generate, launch, assess and successfully complete R&T Projects and Programmes in the field of Energetic Materials, Missiles and Munitions. For R&T efforts to be fruitful and contribute to Defence needs and priorities, the CapTech activities are linked to EDA Capability Development Plan (CDP) addresses security and defence challenges in the short-, mid- and longer-term.

CapTech AMMO has a continuous interaction with other EDA CapTechs and working groups to understand and provide contributions for developing Defence Capabilities, definition of requirements and coordination of relevant activities. It may interact with other relevant organizations in order to exchange information, perform technology watch, investigate synergies and opportunities for joint activities in its area of responsibility. Examples of these organizations are the European Space Agency (ESA) and European Commission, among others. 


The CapTech AMMO meetings take place periodically and at least twice a year, normally at EDA premises, in Brussels. pMS countries can offer to host meetings, upon pMS representatives agreement (CapTech National Coordinators - CNCs). All the information is shared in its Workspace. Prior and right after a CapTech meeting or on another agreed date, dedicated workshop or seminar might take place. The aim is to discuss specific technologies of interest and prepare project candidates to be submitted to CapTech AMMO meetings. The workshops are “hands-on” and participative.

To become a CapTech AMMO member (CGE or CnGE), please follow the instructions included in the R&T General site, and be aware that your request will be forwarded to the relevant CNC. The approval of the CNC will be needed to become a CGE or CnGE, and also for your participation in a CapTech event.

The activities of the CapTech AMMO are guided by the Ammunition Technologies Strategic Research Agenda (SRA), which is currently under revision. Those can either be capability-driven (top-down) or technology-driven (bottom-up). Capability-driven consist on the identification of an R&T need in a specific area in order to improve or support a specific Capability. Technology-driven consists on the identification of an emerging or existing technology with potential to further improve or support certain Capability. In additional activities can also be a result of ongoing armaments co-operation activities where it becomes evident that R&T is needed to reach a successful outcome.

Some of the identified areas of interest consist on: Munition Life Management; Insensitive Munitions; Ignition Systems; Precision Guided Munition and Missiles; Detection and Defeat Technologies for IEDs; REACH compliant energetic materials; Improved Effectors.

Any CapTech member can propose ideas for new activities (projects, workshops, etc.) at any meeting. The ideas are debated among members in order to understand a clear expression of interest and potential to launch a cooperative project. The active involvement of non-governmental members in proposing solutions for governmental needs, with a consistent and systematic ground for dialogue can definitely encourage cooperation.

Ammunition CapTech Portfolio:

  • Munition-Life Management (MLM)
  • Guided Munitions: Mission Abort System (MAS)
  • Reduced Sensitivity Energetic Materials (RSEM - HPIC)
  • Energetic Materials Towards an Enhanced European Capability (EMTEEC)
  • Additive Manufacturing Techniques for Energetic Materials (AMTEM)
  • Scalable Effects for Missiles and Munitions (SEMM) 

Other activities:

  • Ammunition Technologies Strategic Research Agenda Review – Workshop