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CapTech Simulation Technologies is all about innovative exploitation of simulation and computing technologies, serving multi-domain operations across air, land, sea, space, and cyber domains.

For this, it is subject to synergies and interdependencies with other EDA CapTechs.

CapTech Simulation Technologies is composed of experts coming from participating Member States (pMS), industry, SMEs, RTOs and academia.

The CapTech Simulation Technologies objectives include the following:

  • Coordinate and strengthen the exploitation of advanced computing and simulation technologies for defence in Europe.
  • Foster innovative cooperation among EDA’s pMS in the R&T areas of this CapTech. 
  • Interface between MoDs and the industry.

Generate innovative collaborative R&T projects to enhance European defence capabilities via the exploitation of advanced computing and simulation technologies.


Due to the wide application scope of simulation technologies in defence, CapTech Simulation Technologies R&T activity focuses on a broad range of areas, such as:

  • spatial computing and digital twinning capabilities for defence
  • computer wargames, persistent virtual worlds and objects
  • availability and assessment of data for automated training
  • live virtual and constructive training
  • how to involve manned-unmanned teaming capabilities
  • how to address multi-domain operations
  • logistics and maintenance
  • strategic engineering
  • future systems costs reduction and safety increase
  • distributed experimentations and battle labs
  • modelling and simulation techniques for Concept Development & Experimentation; Education and Training; Strategic, operational and tactical evaluation for decision-making; Research, analysis and planning; Support for acquisition.

    The CapTech is led by a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA), which is in line with EDA’s Overarching Strategic Research Agenda (OSRA). The R&T topics are shaped around seven Technology Building Blocks (TBBs), with implementation roadmaps for potential projects via different funding mechanisms such as the EDA Operational Budget studies, R&T Ad-Hocs and the European Defence Fund.

  • TBB01 – Integrated Live, Virtual and Constructive (I-LVC) for Training, Simulation and Serious Games Solutions
  • TBB02 – Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data (BD) for Decision Making Support
  • TBB03 – Immersive, Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • TBB04 – Cyber Defence Simulation
  • TBB05 – Joint Strategic, Operational and Tactical level simulators
  • TBB06 – Modelling & Simulation as a Service (MSaaS) for synthetic environment and rapid scenario generation
  • TBB07 – Simulation for Systems of Systems (S3)

The CapTech plan to revise and update the above list of TBBs and the SRA document in the coming months, starting with dedicated event in Q4 2023.

All pMS can pursue R&T collaborative projects, leveraging the TBB roadmaps and projects proposals. CapTech Members may expand ideas by engaging into new activities, including projects, studies, and events.

Due to their broad scope of application, CapTech Simulation Technologies activities are linked to most of the EDA’s Capability Development Plan (CDP) priorities.

CapTech Simulation Technologies collaborates with other EDA CapTechs on common topics for development of defence capabilities, definition of requirements, and coordination of activities. Interactions with other relevant organisations such as NATO, EUROSIM and ESA are foreseen to promote information exchange and investigate synergies and opportunities for joint activities.


The CapTech Simulation Technologies community meets at least three times per year. EDA pMS can offer to host related meetings, upon national representatives’ agreement. Dedicated industry workshops are also organised, fostering the participation of both governmental representatives and private entities. Workshops are meant to achieve concrete outcomes, such as joint project plans and technology assessments. During the CapTech meetings, MoDs representatives, designated as CapTech National Coordinators (CNCs), meet and discuss technology areas with the potential to lead to multinational research projects, in consultation with the CapTech Governmental (CGEs) and non-Governmental members (CnGEs).

Requests for CGE or CnGE membership to CapTech Simulation Technologies can be submitted to the CapTech Moderator. Such requests will be forwarded to your national authorities, in the person of the respective CNC for approval. The approval of the CNC will be needed to become a CGE or CnGE, and for your participation in a CapTech event.

To become a CGE or CnGE member of the CapTech or in case of questions regarding the CapTech’s operation, please contact


Currently, CapTech Simulation Technologies has projects in preparation on the following topics: exploitation of digital twinning capabilities for defence; building operational picture for disaster and crisis management; simulations interoperability for live virtual constructive training for air combat; 3D terrain and city models for situational awareness; increased platform crew’s situational awareness; offshore critical infrastructure resilience.

The CapTech explores synergies and opportunities for joint activities with the European Commission and NATO.

Workshop “Simulation Technologies and Digital Twins”, 24 October 2023 OPEN.
REGISTRATION by 15 September 2023.

Workshop “Innovation in Simulation Technologies”, 25 October 2023 OPEN.
REGISTRATION by 15 September 2023.

38th CapTech Simulation Technologies Meeting, 26-27 October 2023 RESTRICTED to the members of the CapTech Simulation Technologies.
REGISTRATION by 15 September 2023.