Participating Countries



To identify common requirements in the field of Precision Air Delivery capabilities and to provide for common procurement of systems to reduce cost per unit.


  • Harmonise requirements for Precision Air Delivery Systems
  • Provide solutions for common, harmonised procedures regarding airworthiness and certification processes
  • Establish a framework contract for common procurement among contributing Member States


LPAD is a key enabler for effective and timeless sustainment of deployed forces. It facilitates rapid strategic and tactical deployment, providing for “just-in-time” support with supplies precisely delivered to defined locations. The increased accuracy and the ability to drop to simultaneous targets allow troops on the ground to recover the cargo quickly and to reduce exposure to threat. LPAD will provide military planners with the capability of strategically and covertly positioning equipment and supplies for rapidly moving ground and special operations forces. Furthermore, high-altitude delivery significantly reduces aircraft vulnerability in non-permissive airdrop environments where small arms, light antiaircraft artillery and man-portable missiles are prevalent threats. Airworthiness certification of the LPAD system is indispensable in order to operate without restriction. The process at the national level is complex, time consuming and costly. Therefore an alternative certification process will be considered with industry from the outset.