Participating countries

All EDA Member States, CH and NO.


European Commission, EEAS/EUMS, NATO, MCCE, AMSCC, EATC.


The Project Team ‘Movement & Transport’ (PT M&T) is an expert-level platform where participating Member States exchange information and discuss ongoing activities related to military movement and transport with the aim to benefit from them while avoiding duplication. It aims to serve as a platform between the Member States, European Commission, European External Action Service /EU Military Staff (EEAS/EUMS) and in close coordination with NATO and relevant stakeholders like Movement Coordination Centre Europe (MCCE), Athens Multinational Shipping Coordination Centre (AMSCC) and European Air Transport Command (EATC), as appropriate.


The PT M&T facilitates a coordinated and overarching approach to all on-going and future movement and transport issues. It aims at exchanging views on the subjects as mentioned in the EU Action Plan on Military Mobility, and at increasing the exchange of information between participants on progress achieved.

The PT M&T brings together experts from participating Member States to keep oversight and facilitate coordination and effective interaction with relevant and selected groups, projects, organisations and activities. The experts will identify potential fields of cooperation, assess the feasibility of cooperative activities, and increase the consistency of military needs in terms of movement and transport. Within its remits, the project team can draft documents necessary to reach the objectives of Military Mobility and plan related activities.

More specifically, the PT MT is responsible for the development of the Annual Report on Military Mobility and conducting high level events as the Military Mobility Symposium. It is the overarching platform to elaborate activities the Enhanced Military Mobility Focus Area that are structured around the need for improved resilience, improved lift capabilities and logistics. After the endorsement of the Enhanced Military Mobility Focus Area concept paper, the PT M&T is tasked to coordinate with the other PTs involved in the activities described in this concept and to continue with the work strand “improved resilience” with a focus on digitalisation.