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EDA-DPR-022 - Staff Assessment

Records and compliance checklist

Under Article 31 of the new Regulation, EUIs have to keep records of their processing operations. This template covers two aspects:

1.Mandatory records under Article 31 of the new rules (recommendation: publicly available)
2.Compliance check and risk screening (internal).

The header and part 1 should be publicly available; part 2 is internal to the EUI. By way of example, column 3 contains a hypothetical record on badges and physical access control in a EUI.
Nr Item Explanation
Header - versioning and reference numbers (recommendation: publicly available)
1. Last update of this record 02-09-2022
2. Reference number EDA-DPR-022 - Staff Assessment
part 1 - article 31 record (recommendation: publicly available)
3. Name and contact details of controller
European Defence Agency

Rue des Drapiers 17-23
B-1050 Brussels
4. Name and contact details of DPO

Head of the Legal Office, Legal Advisor / Data Protection Mr Pedro ROSA PLAZA

5. Name and contact details of joint controller (where applicable)
6. Name and contact details of processor (where applicable)
7. Purpose of the processing

To assess the ability, efficiency and conduct in the service of EDA staff members during their employment at EDA:

  • Temporary agents (TAs),
  • Contract agents (CAs)
  • Seconded National Experts (SNEs).
8. Description of categories of persons whose data EDA processes and list of data categories
Data are processed from the following individuals or group of people: All EDA Staff, except the Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Executive i.e. Temporary Agents and Contract Agents engaged for a period of one year or more who have completed their probation period and who have been in active employment for a continuous period of at least one month as established staff member during the reporting period. SNEs who have been seconded to the Agency for a continuous period of at least four months during the reporting period. Data processed are the following: The following personal data are recorded in the various parts of the form: Staff Member data (pre-filled by HR): Surname and first name Administrative Status (TA, CA) Grade Directorate/Unit Job Title Start of Contract Assessment period Reporting Officer Countersigning Officer Self-assessment To be completed by the staff member taking into account his/her efficiency, ability and conduct against the objectives and the overall contribution. Staff Member's signature and date Annual appraisal report by the Reporting Officer The assessment is to be completed taking into account the efficiency, ability and conduct of the staff member against the specific objectives and her/his overall contribution. If the overall performance is considered as unsatisfactory, the dedicated box should be ticked as per Article2(3) of the CE DECESION N 15/19 of 11/12/2015 on the performance appraisal. This will entail a specific follow up of the performance of the staff member. Date of the appraisal dialogue. Reporting Officer's signature and date Countersigning Officer's comments, date and his/her signature Comments of the Staff Member. The Staff Member should tick the appropriate box: - I accept the report without comments; - I accept the report with comments; - I do not accept the report for the following reasons (which will lead to an appeal to the Appeal Assessor) Date and his/her signature Reserved for Corporate Services - Human Resources date and signature. Objectives and training and development needs agreed between the staff member and reporting officer. A job description is also attached to the workflow. In case of appeal and after a dialogue with the staff member, the appeal assessor confirms the report or amends it, giving reasons. The report becomes final by decision of the appeal assessor. The staff member is notified, by email or other written means, that the decision rendering the report final has been adopted and that the report may be consulted in the electronic system. The staff member shall also have access to the appeal assessor's decision.
9. Time limit for keeping the data
The annual appraisal reports are kept in the electronic workflow and personal file for a period of 5 years, except in case of pending legal action.
10. Recipients of the data
The reporting officer, the countersigning officer, the deputy chief executive, the chief executive, the corporate services director, the head of human resources, the authorized human resources unit staff, administrations of staff that are seconded to EDA (i.e. participating Member States upon request), the appeal assessor.
11. Are there any transfers of personal data to third countries or international organisations? If so, to which ones and with which safeguards?
12. General description of security measures, where possible.
Having regard to the state of the art and the cost of their implementation, the controller has implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risks represented by the processing and the nature of the personal data to be protected (restricted access, logs, others) Such measures have been taken in particular to prevent any unauthorized disclosure or access, accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, or alteration and to prevent all others unlawful forms of processing.
13. For more information, including how to exercise your rights to access, rectification, object and data portability (where applicable), see the privacy statement
Additional information is available by following the link to privacy statement here.