What is the goal of the DTEB Database?

The DTEB Database is a web-based, access protected software tool for governmental Test and Evaluation (T&E) centres. 

The overall objective of the DTEB Database is to develop, on a European scale, a T&E support tool for the development process of defence equipment, in order to achieve a high quality of equipment for European forces. 

This bottom-up approach to a database application supports T&E Centres as well as programme managers and other users (i.e. T&E experts).


What is the DTEB Strategy?

In February 2016, EDA Member States approved the EDA T&E Capability Strategy 2015–2025 linking DTEB with qualification and certification needs. Its implementation foresees five contributing phases:  

    DTEB provides the framework and IT tools for supporting T&E collaborative activities amongst EDA Member States.
    The DTEB Database also embeds the T&E assets of European industry and research stakeholders in order to cover the whole spectrum of EU T&E Capabilities.
    The EDA develops an analysis mechanism to identify T&E capability gaps.
    The EDA commits to performing T&E requirement analyses for all new programmes and projects launched in the EDA.
    Smart T&E Investment Models need to be developed to close identified T&E capability gaps in the most cost-effective way, and to foster T&E Networks of Excellence.

To make sure European T&E networks are able to conduct all required qualification activities and to agree on mutually accepted Europe-wide certifications. 

How does Test and Evaluation fit into the context of the European Global Strategy?

The 2016 EU Global Strategy Implementation Plan on Security and Defence identified Test and Evaluation (T&E) as one of the critical enablers for defence cooperation. Tasking EDA and its Member States to develop full spectrum test & evaluation capabilities in Europe based on a fully coordinated network of national centres. This entails fostering collaborative activities among Test Centres, creating networks of excellence and systematically relating them to EDA projects.

Who can register?

The access to DTEB.Database is limited by DTEB national points of contact (POC) of the EDA participating Member States. 

In coordination with the respective national POC, DTEB.Database is open to: 

  • Members of the MODs of the pMS and their subordinated organisations ; 
  • Governmental Test and Evaluation Centres and their Subject Matter Experts (SME) ; 
  • Governmental controlled Test and Evaluation Centres.
  • Industry test capabilities and research centers working for government authorities.

How can I register?

To register, follow these steps:

  1. Register at https://dteb.eda.europa.eu;
  2. Follow the guidelines detailed on the verification e-mail, which you will receive after your application for registration;
  3. Wait until EDA has granted you access to the database;
  4. Login at https://dteb.eda.europa.eu.

Which nations are members of DTEB?

The DTEB Database is in principle open to all EDA participating Member States. However every nation must nominate a DTEB point of contact who is responsible for the membership of a national T&E Centre.

What is the difference between DTEB and DTEB.Database?

The DTEB.Database is a software tool to catalogue and to exchange information about Test Facilities and to initiate T&E collaboration between Government Test Centres. DTEB is the umbrella project to optimise and harmonise T&E across Europe.

Which language is used in the DTEB.Database?

The database language is English.

Are there national points of contact for DTEB?

DTEB is organised as follows:

  • EDA provides the Project Officer to support the participating Member States on DTEB and chairs the DTEB Plenary Group (DTEB PG);
  • The DTEB PG acts as steering board for the development of the DTEB; 
  • For in country support in your own language national DTEB PG representatives can be contacted through this contact form;   
  • Members of the DTEB Community contribute with expert database entries, but also with participation in European Projects.

Can industrial test centres register?

The DTEB Database is open for governmental test facilities.

Non-governmental EU industry or EU research entities may provide information regarding their facilities to be inserted on the DTEB Database for use by governmental users.

Industry and research centres may also gain access rights to the DTEB Database if their access is approved by their National DTEB Point of contact.

What kind of taxonomy is used in DTEB?


In order to avoid duplication of keywords, DTEB uses the taxonomy currently used within the EDA. There are two types of taxonomies: ‘Domains’ and ‘Categories’. Both types are currently static, but can be extended in DTEB. 


Domains derive from the EDA Capability Development Plan and contain the most important Capability requirements (Command, Inform, Engage, Protect, Deploy, Sustain, Combat and Logistic). The CDP and its main tasks are revised regularly by the EDA pMS.  Further on Domains can also be Systems and subsystems of Land, Air, See, Cyber and Space.


While ‘Domains’ are seen as functional military requirements, ‘Categories’ address techniques and technologies. The DTEB.Database uses the EDA Technical Taxonomy for Research and Technology links, as well as Broad Test Categories and Sub Training Categories.

What can a test centre expect from joining DTEB?

Participating T&E Centres will be able to: 

  • show and offer their own T&E capabilities to the European Defence Community;
  • be considered in European Research and Armament projects;
  • participate in European smart investments;
  • initiate own EU T&E projects;
  • plus many other features.

How can I initiate EU T&E collaboration?

  • Members of the DTEB Community can make use of EDA’s general provisions for application to ad hoc test project (General provisions for application to ad hoc test projects and programmes for the mutual use of government test facilities and cooperative test and evaluation within the scope of articles 20 and 21 of Council Joint Action 2004/551/CFSP)
  • The DTEB Database provides a ‘T&E Project Generator’, which simplifies initiatives of new T&E Collaboration under the DTEB Framework.
  • Alternatively DTEB cooperation partners can use the DTEB-TestArrangement-Template for T&E activities under the DTEB Framework.

What can I expect as a user of the DTEB Database?

DTEB users will be able to: 

  • quickly identify potential cooperation partners for T&E activities; 
  • implement European T&E capabilities within their own projects; 
  • quickly obtain details of Subject Matter Experts from whom to seek advice; 
  • plus many other features. 

Who is entitled to use the DTEB logo?

EU T&E Centres (TEC) that have registered in the DTEB Database may use the DTEB LOGO as endorsement of their registration as DTEB Test and Evaluation Centre (TEC).  

They could use it for presentations, letters etc. when they are associated with DTEB activities. 

You can download the logo using the following links:

The logo is only valid in combination with the related QR coded link to the TEC’s Article. 

In DTEB registered TEC can request this QR Code at DTEB@eda.europa.eu.