Collaborative Database T&E Entries

Based on the ’General Terms and Provisions for the mutual use of Governmental Test Facilities’ the DTEB Database provides support for a quick and efficient way to initiate your T&E collaboration.

Looking for an opportunity to collaborate? EDA’s CODABA Database provides overview on planned and running activities on Defence Test and Evaluation to governmental registered users.

Unclassified information about some showcase T&E projects can be found at EDA’s Project Search category on the Test and Evaluation. Detailed information about all T&E opportunities are however restricted to government participants only ad can be found in the CoDaBa Database.

To gain access to CoDaBa, please register here. Please mention ‘DTEB’ and ‘CODABA’ as reason for Application.

Contact your national POC

For in country support in your own language, national representatives of the DTEB Plenary Group can easily be contacted via the DTEB Portal. They can also offer advice and help to initiate T&E collaboration activities.