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The European Defence Agency is busy across a great many programmes and projects. Some of the highlights of our work are laid out below - but you can read more on all our work in the Projects section of this site.

Some of the recent achievements include:

  • Helicopter Training Programme
Since 2009, the EDA had delivered helicopter exercises in France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and now Belgium. The programme has so far involved 123 helicopters and 227 crews. The EDA has also worked with its Member States to create the Helicopter Tactics Course in the UK, with 18 crews trained thus far.

  • European Satellite Communication (SATCOM) Procurement Cell (ESCPC)
In September 2012 a framework contract was signed allowing for the pooled and shared procurement of commercial satellite communication for five Member States. 

  • Maritime Surveillance Networking (MARSUR)
EDA launched in September 2006 the Maritime Surveillance-project (MARSUR), with the aim to create a network using existing naval and maritime information exchange systems. Overall goals are to avoid duplication of effort and the use of available technologies, data and information; to enhance cooperation in a simple, efficient and low-cost solution for civil-military cooperation; and to support safety and security. In October 2012, three more Nations joined the project, bringing the total number of participating Member States to 18. 

  • Airworthiness
The EDA drafted European Military Airworthiness Requirements (EMARs) which are being transposed into national law. Such harmonised rules allow for a smoother certification process, significantly lowering costs. Additional EMARs for Maintenance Personnel Licensing and Airworthiness Management are also being developed. A first practical example where EMARs are being applied is the A400M. 

  • Effective Procurement Methods
This initiative aims at developing innovative ways to consolidate the demand side of the European Defence Equipment Market and indeed to identify existing common demand. Currently it is being further developed on the basis of pilot cases. The first ones are in the area of logistic services for EU Battle Groups and training. Both of these pilot cases could be successfully implemented in less than six months from the kick-off to the signature of the purchase contracts.

  • Counter- Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) Theatre Exploitation Laboratory
Road-side bombs and other IEDs are the number-one killer of deployed forces in crisis management operations. They also result in high civilian casualties. The Deployable Level 2 Exploitation Capability is a mobile laboratory, enabling forensic analysis of IED incidents in order to develop means to prevent further attacks. It was delivered to EDA in mid-2011 and was deployed to Afghanistan. 

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