In consultation with Member States, the consultation forum is set-up in three working groups with five sub-themes each. 

  • Working Group 1 will examine the management and behavioural aspects of energy efficiency to ascertain the applicability of data analysis, management systems, awareness, access to financing on the defence sector’s approach to energy efficiency. One of the sub themes will examine protection of critical energy infrastructure to ascertain if there is a desire to explore this theme further from a military point of view. 
  • Working Group 2 will examine energy efficiency in relation to infrastructure primarily, as energy in buildings and fixed infrastructure constitutes a considerable portion of energy used by the armed forces and in the EU as a whole. The working group will also examine energy in deployed camps on EU territory and on EU led military overseas operational deployments. The working group will also address energy efficiency in other military platforms and systems in order to assess the full remit of military energy use and to ascertain where work in energy efficiency could be conducted.
  • Working Group 3 will address the use of renewable sources of energy, production of renewable energy (wind, solar, wave, tidal, biomass, geothermal), use of defence land for generation of renewable energy, energy conversion, energy storage, energy used in transport and renewable energy applicability in military transport.

Consultation Forum on Sustainable Energy in the Defence and Security Sector
Theme Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy
Working Group
WG 1: Energy Management of Military Facilities, Infrastructure, Systems & Platforms WG 2: Energy in Military Infrastructure, Systems & Platforms WG 3:Application of Renewable Energy Systems in the Military
Sub Theme 1
Energy Data Collection, Analysis  & Sharing Building Fabric (fixed and temporary  Infrastructure)
Energy in Military Transportation Platforms & Systems
Sub Theme 2
Energy Management Systems Building Electrical and Mechanical Systems (fixed and temporary  Infrastructure)
Renewable Energy Storage
Sub Theme 3
Energy Awareness/ Consciousness/  Human Factors Affecting Energy Management ICT, Metering & Intelligent Building Energy Management (fixed and temporary  Infrastructure)
Energy Conversion
Sub Theme 4
Financing of Military Energy Projects  & Energy Efficient Procurement Renovation of Existing Military Buildings/  Role & Impact of the Military as Exemplars in the Public Service
Using Defence Lands for RE Generation
Sub Theme 5
Protection of Critical Energy Infrastructure Efficiency of Military Systems & Platforms
Renewable Energy in Military Deployments


Summary Work Plan:

A graphic summary of the work plan including descriptions of the three working groups is available here.